coolant system

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Noun1.coolant system - a cooling system that uses a fluid to transfer heat from one place to another
cooling, cooling system - a mechanism for keeping something cool; "the cooling was overhead fans"
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Archer Volkswagen offers specials on a laundry list of services that include wheel alignments, multi-point inspections, synthetic oil and filter change, coolant system service and more.
The steel-reinforced concrete structure goes through a pre-stressed post-tensioned construction process to function as the third radiological protective barrier, in addition to the fuel rods and reactor coolant system.
Configured To Accept Optional Through-spindle Coolant System ?
Options include automatic size control (ASC) gimbal fixtures, long support bars, spindle adapter and an upgraded 32-gallon coolant system.
All TMX holders in this line feature the versatile DIN AD/B coolant system allowing for optional coolant through the spindle and/or the flange.
Putnam Vocational Technical Academy in Springfield, Connecting for Success 2014 offered workshops and sessions on topics such as "Vehicle Technology and Trends,'' "Electrical Analysis,'' and "Contaminated Coolant Failure in the Modern Coolant System.
The students also gained access to the building's roof to see how the complex air coolant system operates, as well as get a peek of the building's spectacular panoramic views of the city.
The operator of the Genkai nuclear power plant in Saga Prefecture that leaked coolant water last week reported to the prefectural government on Friday that it has found a broken pump shaft in the primary coolant system for the plant's No.
This volume provides a summary of the physical, chemical, and thermodynamic phenomena taking place in nuclear reactor cores during the progression of reactor accidents; the formation and physical and chemical properties of the resulting radioactive aerosols; the timing and duration of the aerosol release from the core to the coolant system and containment; and the physical, chemical, and thermal-hydraulic phenomena that govern the removal of aerosols within the containment or other plant volumes through natural or engineered processes.
A pair of NASA astronauts plan to carry out a spacewalk on Wednesday to resume working on a failed coolant system outside the International Space Station.
Included with the M75 are a spray-mist coolant system, 10-station automatic tool changer with a database and tool-length sensor, Microsoft Windows-based control software, computer, flat-screen monitor and hand-held remote, and a safety protective enclosure with lock out/tag out capability.
Also make sure your car is topped up with windscreen washer liquid and that the engine coolant system contains enough anti-freeze to ensure it runs smoothly.