coolant system

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Noun1.coolant system - a cooling system that uses a fluid to transfer heat from one place to another
cooling, cooling system - a mechanism for keeping something cool; "the cooling was overhead fans"
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An occasional flush and replacement of fluids help avoid internal damage to your coolant system like rust and clogs.
Tenders are invited for Rh km80 basic adaptor having integral km80 coupling and internal & external coolant system.
Maintain coolant: Engines run hot, and your car's coolant system helps keep the temperature under control.
Both have steeply sloped internal sheet metal for efficient chip removal and a 45-gallon flood coolant system.
The test verified that welds, joints, pipes and components of the reactor coolant system and associated high-pressure systems meet quality standards, as per the regulations of the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation.
All TMX holders in this line feature the versatile DIN AD/B coolant system allowing for optional coolant through the spindle and/or the flange.
Putnam Vocational Technical Academy in Springfield, Connecting for Success 2014 offered workshops and sessions on topics such as "Vehicle Technology and Trends,'' "Electrical Analysis,'' and "Contaminated Coolant Failure in the Modern Coolant System.
The students also gained access to the building's roof to see how the complex air coolant system operates, as well as get a peek of the building's spectacular panoramic views of the city.
The machine comes standard with a 208-1itre (55-gallon) internal coolant system equipped with two standard canister filters.
The touch-screen instrument automatically performs up to nine coolant and DEF diagnostic analyses, on demand in the customer's service facility and all in less than one minute, according to the company, which states the OSA4 CoolCheck represents leading-edge, proprietary technology utilizing sophisticated components that instantly capture data and compares it to known norms, identifying abnormal or severe coolant system conditions.
The product captures data instantly and identifies abnormal or severe coolant system conditions.
The operator of the Genkai nuclear power plant in Saga Prefecture that leaked coolant water last week reported to the prefectural government on Friday that it has found a broken pump shaft in the primary coolant system for the plant's No.