coolie hat

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coo′lie hat`

a wide conical straw hat worn esp. as a shield against the sun.
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Its various parts, however, were set together with the same strange irregularity that marked the architecture of the city as a whole; and it was capped by an enormous saucer-shaped roof which projected far beyond the eaves, having the appearance of a colossal Chinese coolie hat, inverted.
You see quite a number of found, mud-walled huts with thatched roofs that look like someone dropped a Chinese coolie hat over the top.
Centre-stage in the installation is a glorious yellow silk evening gown complemented by a huge coolie hat covered with draped silk (Spring/Summer 1997; Fig.
Orchid has lamps with shades shaped like a closed lotus flower or a coolie hat, priced from pounds 170.
The boy in the coolie hat is now connected to some Galactic overlord and so wears a magic stone around his neck which lights up when he is in peril.
With each song comes a new prop - from Chinese coolie hats (Relight my Fire) to choir cassocks (Never Forget) - and we perfect a variety of moves including synchronised jazz hands.
Stocking regional arts and crafts and outlet clothing and footwear, Stanley is also famous for its huge and ubiquitous range of tacky souvenirs: pottery kung fu figures, Chinese baby dolls with coolie hats, velvet paintings of Star Ferry, your name cut into Chinese character wood cuts.
The little ones had all made lanterns and coolie hats so they came in wearing their hats during the meal.
The Chinese artist obviously had no idea what he was painting and all the cricketers have coolie hats.
She's also particularly fond of a brightly-coloured rug from Equador, a Moroccan mosaic table, and a collection of coolie hats from the Far East which make wonderful wall decorations.