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n. Offensive Slang
Used as a disparaging term for a Cajun.

[Probably coon, raccoon + ass.]
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Lourd does know that, like his father, he's a Coonass, a badge he wears proudly: "A Coonass can be wealthy or poor, wise or foolish.
You think they give a fuck how many coonass fishermen they run out of business?
14) Sa fe dan jou-saye, alantou lanne senkant-ye, en "Kadjen," sa te en moun ki aprezan vou pel on langle "a Coonass.
See Ancelet, supra note 9, at 39 ("The slur coonass, a derogatory reference to Cajuns .
She can switch from Yeats to coonass without pause, from down-home similes about dog shit to Ezra Pound.
14) A l'epoque donc, autour des annees 1930-1950, un <<Cadien>> etait quelqu'un qu'on appellerait aujourd'hui-en anglais <<a Coonass,>> un terme tres pejoratif.