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Noun1.coonskin cap - a raccoon cap with the tail hanging down the backcoonskin cap - a raccoon cap with the tail hanging down the back
cap - a tight-fitting headdress
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Riley has no idea what to expect in his final Death Race, but the required gear list includes a hatchet, rope, map and compass, needle and thread, knapsack, skillet, charcoal and a coonskin cap.
Faraway" (1952) depicts six-year-old Jamie sitting in a field in a coonskin cap with a distant look in his eyes (top, right).
When I get him, I'm going to have a coonskin cap made to hang over my fireplace.
The 6ft-6in Parker was quickly embraced by youngsters as the man in a coonskin cap who stood for the spirit of the American frontier.
Matheson, a costume historian, investigates why the sunbonnet, unlike the cowboy hat and the coonskin cap, has disappeared from contemporary Western clothing, even though its use persisted in pockets of the rural South into the 20th century.
The coonskin cap is complete with the face and tail at the back.
According to Louv's mythology," Cleary announces, "at that point [the 1950s] every child put on a coonskin cap and went barefoot into the woods to find themselves.
Many of today's adults, predominantly men, can recall fond childhood memories of playing Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett, complete with coonskin cap and gun, or of joining with friends to play cops and robbers, pirates, Jedis, soldiers or spies.
A mother--young, pretty, blonde, wearing a blue cardigan, pearls, and a pleated skirt--is sitting on an armchair with her eight-year-old son, who is wearing dungarees (this predated jeans) with a five-inch cuff, a Brooklyn Dodgers T-shirt, and a coonskin cap.
When Fess traded the coonskin cap for a corkscrew, it was good news for wine lovers.
Adults found this stuff terrifyingly incomprehensible, but kids adored it; toy companies took in $50 million a year from sales of Official Captain Video decoder rings, crash helmets, and atomic weapons long before Walt Disney went into the coonskin cap business.
David was pleased that he shared a name with the king of the Alamo, and he slept wearing his coonskin cap for weeks.