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A person who makes or repairs wooden barrels and tubs.

[Middle English couper, from Middle Dutch kūper, from kūpe, basket, tub; see coop.]

coop′er v.
coop′er·age n.


1. (Crafts) Also called: coopery the craft, place of work, or products of a cooper
2. (Crafts) the labour fee charged by a cooper


(ˈku pər ɪdʒ, ˈkʊp ər-)

1. the work or business of a cooper.
2. the place where such work is carried on.


the barrel or container used to store and ship draft beer.
See also: Beer


[ˈkuːpərɪdʒ] Ntonelería f
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Uneven floors vibrated underfoot and 500-yearold beams supported the speakers in one of Newcastle's oldest buildings - the Cooperage on Newcastle's Quayside Close.
Tenders are invited for Term Contract For The Rehabilitation Maintenance Construction Of Cable Duct System For One Year 2015 16 In Various Telephone Exchanges In South Central Area 2 Nd Call Cooperage Cuffe Parade Te Area
Yesterday, Keith Anthony Marlow, 31, of Cooperage Close, Toxteth, appeared at Liverpool Magistrates' Court after being arrested on October 20.
para]]- Acquires Full Ownership of Missouri-based Cooperage, Changes Name to "The Oak Cooperage" -[[/para]]
In March I traveled to Louisville, Kentucky, where I had the chance to learn about Old Forester, Woodford Reserve and some other Brown-Forman brands, as well as tour the company's headquarters and cooperage.
The Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi, Margao, Kochi and Guwahati, Cooperage in Mumbai, Yuba Bharati Krirangan in Kolkata, KSFA Stadium in Bangalore, and Balewadi Stadium in Pune have been initially recommended as prospective venues.
Total commitment to quality and service has made us the leading cooperage company in the world, thanks to the unfailing support of our satisfied customers.
The maker of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey on Monday celebrated the opening of a new cooperage in Alabama to supply its distillery with the American white oak barrels that are toasted and charred to give the spirit its distinctive flavor and color.
company's barrel production, but earned Jack Daniel's Cooperage the 2014 Wooden Globe for Innovator of the Year by the Woodworking Machinery Industry Association.
Rogue Brewery has founded the Rolling Thunder Barrel Works, a "tree to table" outfit that will bring the craft of barrel cooperage to the Rogue World Headquarters in Newport, Oregon.
Pub name: The Teal Arms Address: Lowfields Avenue, Ingleby Barwick, Stockton, Cleveland, TS17 0RJ Manager: Linda Roberts How long have you been at the pub: 16 months What's your recent history as a landlord: The Cooperage in Bowburn was a real rough boozer but it was the first step on the ladder.
Visits to the Speyside Cooperage and Glenlivet Distillery ?