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Variant of copacetic.
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Adj.1.copasetic - completely satisfactory; "his smile said that everything was copacetic"; "You had to be a good judge of what a man was like, and the English was copacetic"- John O'Hara
satisfactory - giving satisfaction; "satisfactory living conditions"; "his grades were satisfactory"
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Individuals who wish to drastically understate the current economic situation in Iran, speciously, but quickly, will point out as their positive justification that the currency value and inflation rate are both in comparatively better straits now than a year ago; as if somehow, in their flawed estimation, these two factors are the only benchmarks to meet in order to have a copasetic economy.
It's trite to say, but I like the triple threat of wonderful facility, great performance quality, and someone who is copasetic with the group.
A federal Liberal activist noted that, on certain issues, they "would call [their] Ontario Liberal counterparts and make sure certain things were copasetic with them.
Featuring such copasetic classics as Hippy Hippy Shake, Good Golly Miss Molly, Hold Tight, Legend of Xanadu and How Do You Do It, this solid gold show is packed with legendary, chart-topping material.