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cope 1

intr.v. coped, cop·ing, copes
1. To contend or strive, especially on even terms or with success: coping with child-rearing and a full-time job.
2. To contend with difficulties and act to overcome them: "Facing unprecedented problems, the Federal Reserve of the early 1930s couldn't cope" (Robert J. Samuelson).

[Middle English copen, coupen, to strike, from Old French couper, from Vulgar Latin *colpāre, from Late Latin colpus, blow; see coup.]

cop′er n.

cope 2

1. A long ecclesiastical vestment worn over an alb or surplice.
2. A covering resembling a cloak or mantle.
3. A coping.
tr.v. coped, cop·ing, copes
1. To cover or dress in a cope.
2. To provide with coping: cope a wall.

[Middle English cope, from Old English -cāp, from Medieval Latin cāpa, cloak, from Late Latin cappa.]


(Commerce) a horse-dealer
[C17 (a dealer, chapman): from dialect cope to buy, barter, from Low German; related to Dutch koopen to buy]


(ˈkoʊ pər)

n. Brit.
a horse dealer.
References in classic literature ?
I abide here, following the Flower and drinking wine as an Afghan coper should.
Ten display cases circle the space, each dedicated to a key British potter--such masters as Murray, Coper, Rie, Elizabeth Fritsch and Gillian Lowndes--and through them, the curators tell the story of British studio ceramics.
Ed Coper prefers the metaphor of a ladder, but does agree that it's all a matter of incentives, "You can absolutely move anyone along the ladder of engagement--if you find the right buttons to push, then you will get them moving.
This was most obvious in the vessels and stand-alone sculptures that Swallow constructed and then cast from chopped-up archery targets, paying homage to British ceramicists such as Hans Coper, and Californian modernists such as Peter Voulkos.
He had 49 days to get over his exertions and was prepared by the country's greatest trainer, not some dodgy coper from Appleby Fair.
They are also used by potters (Lucie Rie and Hans Coper are well known examples) making nondomestic work.
In Frankfurt items such as the work 'Untitled (for Hans Coper, master potter)' by Dan Flavin will be accorded to the Museum fuer Moderne Kunst and Andy Warhols 'Johann Wolfgang von Goethe' to the Staedel Museum.
On show last night were Ku Design by Spendlove, Couture by Neil Paul Coper and Lola Loves Boutique Design Studio.
One of Lucie's assistants at Bayswater was Hans Coper, a German sculptor.
In the past, these holes were machined into saw-cut pieces and hand-coped on a mill or a belt coper.
The answer is that all three came to Britain as refugees - as did, for example, the potters Lucie Rie and Hans Coper, the lm directors Karel Reisz, Roman Polanski and Joseph Losey and many others who helped to shape the arts in this country during the second half of the 20th century.