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The second or relief pilot of an aircraft.


(Aeronautics) a second or relief pilot of an aircraft


(ˈkoʊˌpaɪ lət)

a pilot who is second in command of an aircraft.
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Noun1.copilot - a relief pilot on an airplanecopilot - a relief pilot on an airplane  
crew - the men and women who man a vehicle (ship, aircraft, etc.)
airplane pilot, pilot - someone who is licensed to operate an aircraft in flight
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It was assumed the captain had gone to the toilet, leaving the copilot in charge of the plane.
As per Brian Heath, president and CEO of Drivewyze, The Drivewyze and CoPilot Truck apps already complement each other very well, enabling drivers to enjoy both navigation and bypass services directly on a single smartphone or tablet, saving them time and money.
On deck, the HAC transferred the controls to the copilot who took off and established a downwind pattern 400 feet above the ground at 80 knots.
The new innovations, showcased at Mobile World Congress 2014, are designed to make future CoPilot apps more adaptive, intuitive and integrated into a driver's daily routine.
Meanwhile, the pilot directed the copilot to jettison the door.
According to the company this new app, based on ALK's CoPilot 9 navigation platform, features an intuitive user interface which provides quick and easy access to relevant driving features.
Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways celebrated the Hina Matsuri doll festival on Wednesday by running domestic flights operated mostly by female crew, including copilots and mechanics.
Connected via bluetooth to a windscreen mounted satnav receiver, CoPilot software transforms both into an advanced satellite navigation and route planning system.
Reynolds Equipment Company's new CoPilot is a motorized air pressure regulator that provides precise control by converting a constant DC electrical signal to a variable pneumatic output.
The approach pattern just had brought them overhead a local shopping mall when the copilot, in the left seat,
I climbed out of the turret, and went to the copilot to tell him I'd been hit.