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Some four feet severed them from the coping that left only half a sky above my upturned eyes.
I had an insane dream of throwing a long forked branch over the coping, and so swarming up hand-over-hand.
And so at last it did; but my fingers had clutched the coping in time; had grabbed it even as the insecure pyramid crumbled and left me dangling.
Instantly exerting what muscle I had left, and the occasion gave me, I succeeded in pulling myself up until my chin was on a level with my hands, when I flung an arm over and caught the inner coping.
But when the rising sun began to gild the coping stones at the gable ends of the houses, Cornelius, eager to know whether there was any living creature about him, approached the window, and cast a sad look round the circular yard before him
Caderousse climbed the ladder slowly, and looked over the coping to see if the street was quiet.
No feasible way of coping with China was suggested.
And as I looked the thought came to me that in that rushing stream of human lava were men, comrades and heroes, whose mission had been to rouse the abysmal beast and to keep the enemy occupied in coping with it.
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We explored the relationships among older adults' self-esteem, coping styles, and loneliness.
The management of diabetes distress, termed as diabetes therapy by the ear, is based upon four pillars: strengthening of self-care skills, optimization of coping skills, minimizing change-related discomfort, and utilization of external support.
Objectives: To explore whether coping strategies and general anxiety are associated with pregnancy-specific stress (PSS) and how much of variance of PSS is explained with these variables.