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Lying or occurring in the same plane. Used of points, lines, or figures.

co′pla·nar′i·ty (kō′plə-năr′ĭ-tē) n.


(Mathematics) lying in the same plane: coplanar lines.
ˌcoplaˈnarity n


(koʊˈpleɪ nər)

adj. Math.
being or operating in the same plane: coplanar triangles.
[1860–65; co- + planar < Late Latin plānāris; see plane1, -ar1]
co`pla•nar′i•ty, n.
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Adj.1.coplanar - lying in the same plane
planar, two-dimensional - involving two dimensions


[kəʊˈpleɪnə] adj (Geom) (points, lines) → complanare
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It looks for component shift, coplanarity, tombstones, shorts, and lifted lands using a single camera and digital projection system.
Additionally, better coplanarity control across the connector helps ensure fewer defects and easier soldering during the manufacturing process.
In addition, better coplanarity control across the connector helps ensure fewer defects and easier soldering during the manufacturing process.
Basing on the epipolar geometry, the mathematic model of relative orientation can be expressed as follow by coplanarity Equation 3 and Equation 17 according to Equation 1.
The LGA 3647 socket is the first LGA socket to feature a two-piece design for the larger processor that improves issues with warpage and offers better coplanarity and reliability in connectivity.
A vision and positioning system sequentially align and clamp layers together utilizing a full platen, assuring coplanarity and accuracy.
The new capability provides a 200-400 percent throughput improvement over our previous Wafer Scanner bump metrology system, and when paired with our Discover[R] Software, provides a complete coplanarity solution for our customers, said Scott Balak, Rudolph's director, inspection product management.
Engineered for use in demanding environments that require reliable connections, the iBridge wire-to-board connector features a contact system without a post-bending process to ensure robustness and acceptable coplanarity.
In addition, the presence of pendant 3-(trifluoromethyl)styrene reduced coplanarity, hindered the dense packing of polymer chains, and destroyed the ordered arrangement, resulting in amorphous nature of these polyesters, which is also reflected in their improved solubility.
In fact, torsion angle ([theta]) is the deviation from coplanarity between the donor and acceptor units, bridge length (LB) is the bond length between the donor and acceptor, intramolecular charge transfer (ICT) ([D.
After the recent rapid progress in the discovery and characterization of exoplanets, the migration theory's two predictions of coplanarity and a planet desert have not held up particularly well.