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Encouraging students to copresent with faculty members at conferences.
Although copresent in a shared environment, humans and robots have mismatched capabilities in reasoning, perception, and action.
They might be asked to coproduce and copresent a film or two, or to put them in touch with smaller local organizations or individuals, Williams explained.
By contrast, to the Brazilian participants, there was no significant association between phubbing from self and phubbing from others while they were copresent with parents or relatives.
BBC Radio 2 DJ Evans read out a speculative news story on his morning show, which alleged that Button was "in talks with the BBC to copresent the show".
Suppose that "two entities are copresent if both are wholly present at one position in space and time" (Lewis 1983, p.
Curriculum for the program will be developed by U of S students, Sainte-Marie's Nihewin Foundation Canada and Aboriginal educators to support the provincial science curriculum's explicit mandate to copresent Indigenous and western perspectives on science at all levels of learning.
In the second chapter, Dinshaw turns her attention to The Book of John Mandeville, first drawing her reader's attention to Mandevilles's own temporally copresent, albeit temporary, experience of the fountain of youth.
We hope that thousands, not hundreds, of Teesside residents will sign Chris Hobson's online petition and that all Teesside MPs will also sign it and copresent the petition to the Prime Minister.
NYCSLS recently hired three part-time support specialists to help school librarians review the program, handle administrative tasks, and/or copresent the program to teachers and students as needed.
Schools might also consider having upper class student leaders copresent with teachers in freshmen seminars in order to reap the benefits of cross-age mentoring and reduce bullying.
Ling makes the point that mobile phones reconfigure how people prioritize face-to-face, copresent interactions.