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A product produced together with another product.


a joint product


(ˈkoʊˌprɒd əkt, -ʌkt)

something produced jointly with another product.
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Below we denote by [DELTA] the coproduct of a braided Hopf algebra A and by [A.
These activities on the earlier data sets will allow Canyon with targeting extensions of the higher grade, copper-nickel mineralization with associated cobalt coproduct and PGE.
As of May 16, the country has 44 operating metallic mines-27 nickel mines, one copper mine with gold as coproduct, two copper mines with gold and silver as coproducts, six gold mines with silver as coproduct, three chromite mines and five iron mines, according to the MGB.
We endow the set of isomorphism classes of matroids with a new Hopf algebra structure, in which the coproduct is implemented via the combinatorial operations of restriction and deletion.
with 133 million gallons of annual production, was purchased, adding value for corn producers and accessing strong markets for ethanol and its coproduct, dried distiller's grain.
Buch gives a Pieri-type formula for the coproduct on Grothendieck polynomials.
Coproduct repartition was calculated on a mass basis, as was the case with the other databases consulted (Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Materials [CORRIM] and ecoinvent), allowing for comparisons.
Until recently, defatted rice bran, a coproduct of rice oil extraction, was considered a low-value ingredient.
Research by industry, government, and universities is providing new insights into how to efficiently produce, handle, transport, and feed this high-nutrient coproduct to livestock, including beef and dairy cattle, poultry, swine, and aqua-culture.