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Feeding on excrement: coprophagous beetles.

cop·roph′a·gy (-ə-jē) n.

coprophagy, coprophagia

feeding on excrement, as certain beetles. — coprophagous, adj.
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Noun1.coprophagy - eating feces; in human a symptom of some kinds of insanity
eating, feeding - the act of consuming food


n. coprofagia, trastorno mental manifestado en la ingestión de heces fecales.
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A newly released study offered up a new explanation as to why dogs often eat fecal matter made by them or other dogs, which is a practice also known as canine conspecific coprophagy.
The high coprophagy specialization in the Scarabaeinae seems to be related to the regular availability of mammal dung in the ecosystem (Halffter & Matthews, 1966) contrary to the rotting fruits and carcasses of dead animals that might be seasonally and spatially limited (Louzada & Lopes, 1997).
Rabbits have a unique strategy for making the most of their dietary intake: coprophagy.
In primates, oral stereotypies commonly present as repetitive mouth movements, lip smacking, tongue thrusting, coprophagy, or regurgitation (Lewis et al.
This study has suggested that coprophagy and feed raw offal and meat to dogs may be responsible for finding atypical helminth eggs in fecal samples from dogs in the absence of an actual infection.
Plasticity in food assimilation, retention time and coprophagy allow herbivorous cavies (Microcavia australis) to cope with low food quality in the Monte desert.
There are many, many putative treatments both commercial and homemade that have been touted to stop coprophagy.
Coprophagy is an important biological trait in some animal species, and the oral administration of stool from healthy human donors to human patients with intractable diarrhea has been reported since the 4th century in China, through the 16th century in China and Europe and in modern times.
The animals were housed in raised bottom mesh cages to prevent coprophagy and kept in environmentally controlled rooms (25[+ or -]2[degrees]C, 12 h light and dark cycle), fed with standard diet and water ad libitum.
Both, because the poem soon descends into scatology and coprophagy anyhow; or neither, because the punning is missed by both.
Coprophagy was also noted fairly regularly, clearly a function of the position of the anus in relation to the gill and site of production of the food cord.