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Feeding on excrement: coprophagous beetles.

cop·roph′a·gy (-ə-jē) n.

coprophagy, coprophagia

feeding on excrement, as certain beetles. — coprophagous, adj.
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Noun1.coprophagy - eating feces; in human a symptom of some kinds of insanity
eating, feeding - the act of consuming food


n. coprofagia, trastorno mental manifestado en la ingestión de heces fecales.
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Coprophagy is an important biological trait in some animal species, and the oral administration of stool from healthy human donors to human patients with intractable diarrhea has been reported since the 4th century in China, through the 16th century in China and Europe and in modern times.
The animals were housed in raised bottom mesh cages to prevent coprophagy and kept in environmentally controlled rooms (25[+ or -]2[degrees]C, 12 h light and dark cycle), fed with standard diet and water ad libitum.
Both, because the poem soon descends into scatology and coprophagy anyhow; or neither, because the punning is missed by both.
Coprophagy was also noted fairly regularly, clearly a function of the position of the anus in relation to the gill and site of production of the food cord.
Despite the apparent larval coprophagy and notably short oviscapt, it seems that Karliella sexpunctata is an obligate oviparous species.
Other dietary sources of protein include dead protozoans obtained from proctodeal feeding, cannibalism and necrophagy, and coprophagy (Noirot and Noirot-Timothee 1969; Collins 1983; Hunt and Nalepa 1994; Nation 2002; Arquette et al.
Coprophagy, or poop-eating, is actually a pretty decent strategy, it turns out -- the waste from herbivorous animals contains a lot of nutritious plant material that passes through undigested.
The era's nostalgic foxtrots, the Chopin waltzes, and Carl Orff's monumental Carmina Burana, bouncing off the walls of the sparsely furnished Bauhaus villa, perhaps "a confiscated one previously owned by a culture Jew," where Pasolini added reproductions of works by Feininger, Severini, Duchamp, and others (41), accompanying the harsh images of sodomy, rape, defecation, coprophagy, whipping, mutilation, branding, hanging, electric chairs, and more, are sure to drive away some of the audience irrespective of class, education, venue of exhibition, or the film's accessibility to complex modernist readings.
They've learned to be silent and eat quickly, often moving soon after to a safe place, where they'll practice coprophagy - eating their own soft, green waste pellets to extract some of the nourishment they failed to absorb when their low-nutrition food first passed through their gut.
Nevertheless, the incidence of Salmonella crop contamination might be increased up to fivefold during feed withdrawal and is probably caused by coprophagy (Corrier et al.