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The deriving of sexual gratification from fantasies or acts involving feces.

cop′ro·phil′i·ac′ (-ē-ăk′) n.


of or relating to coprophilia
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A coprophiliac martial artist talking about his 'Calendar' exhibition.
The physician's fall from the beast's back, turning his promised necromantic orgy into a coprophiliac one, mocks the kind of contemporary superstitions to which Simone, Calandrino, and Elena give credence.
Shot in arty b&w and mesmerisingly grotesque, but still revolting coprophiliac torture porn.
It is (almost) literally indigestible because it deals in enormous, coprophiliac detail with the central relationship between a man (in this case a corrupt, vicious, self-deluding Edinburgh policeman) and his closest, most intimate friend, the tapeworm in his bowels--although the friendliness felt is, it has to be said, all on the side of the worm, who burrows through the text offering words of consolation, wisdom--and sometimes, in the imminent presence of laxatives, desperation --while his human host remains, for the most part, oblivious (if suspicious) of its existence.
It means there is no redress in British law against those who portrayed Jesus Christ onstage and on the BBC as an infantile coprophiliac, told by the character of Jerry Springer in the show to 'Grow up for Christ's sake and put some f*** clothes on.