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The deriving of sexual gratification from fantasies or acts involving feces.

cop′ro·phil′i·ac′ (-ē-ăk′) n.


(Psychiatry) an abnormal interest in faeces and their evacuation


(ˌkɒp rəˈfɪl i ə)

n. Psychiatry.
an obsessive interest in feces.
cop`ro•phil′i•ac`, n.
cop`ro•phil′ic, adj.
co•proph•i•lism (kəˈprɒf əˌlɪz əm) n.


1. the use of obscene or scatological language for sexual gratification.
2. a love of obscenity.
3. Psychiatry. an abnormal interest in feces, especially as a source of sexual excitement.
See also: Sex
a love of obscenity.
See also: Obscenity


nKoprophilie f
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The pursuit of sexual happiness via raunch--fetishism, water sports and coprophilia, and so forth--seeks, essentially, to restore erectile thrills by restoring the "dirty," hence forbidden, aspect of sex.
As regards coprophilia, one of the film's most vital themes and the subject of many a daring image--homosexuality being the rule, while heterosexuality, motherhood, and procreation are banished--in the giving of birth the anus replaces the vagina, while feces replace the fetus (304-05).
Nonetheless, Maggi succeeds in defining as a religious writer a man whose images of sodomy, coprophilia, and affectless sexual cruelty made him the bane of Italy's Roman Catholic Church and socialist government.
The show's final work, however, was Nathaniel Mellors's Giantbum, 2009, a video installation that trapped protagonists and visitors alike in a labyrinthine dead-end tale of cannibalism and coprophilia.