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cop 1

n. Informal
1. A police officer.
2. One that regulates certain behaviors or actions: "Faced with the world recession of the early 1980s, ... the World Bank ... became a stern economic taskmaster and cop" (Richard J. Barnet).

[Short for copper.]

cop 2

 (kŏp) Slang
tr.v. copped, cop·ping, cops
a. To get hold of; gain or win: a show that copped four awards; copped a ticket to the game.
b. To perceive by one of the senses: "copped a quick look at the gentleman ... on the right" (Gail Sheehy).
2. To take unlawfully or without permission; steal.
Phrasal Verb:
cop out
To avoid fulfilling a commitment or responsibility; renege: copped out on my friends; copped out by ducking the issue.
cop a feel
To fondle someone sexually in a surreptitious way.
cop a plea
To plead guilty to a lesser charge so as to avoid standing trial for a more serious charge.

[Probably variant of cap, to catch, from Old French caper, from Latin capere; see capture.]

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cop 3

1. A cone-shaped or cylindrical roll of yarn or thread wound on a spindle.
2. Chiefly British A summit or crest, as of a hill.

[Middle English, summit, from Old English.]
References in classic literature ?
But the boys beat the cops to her an' got her away.
The cops thus targeted were performing security duty for the protection of volunteers of the anti-polio drive in Karachi.
Yes folks, our cops are spending all their time play acting for the TV, instead of doing the job they should be doing.
But "face tooters" also ironically hints at "factotums," or black police lackeys who do anything white cops demand.
OK, but the trash fee is set to rise twice more in the years ahead, and as it does the Los Angeles Police Department will be unlikely to hire enough new cops to use all the new funds at its disposal.
The report found other alarming information, including that cops from Shelby County in Tennessee ran 62 names in the database over the course of three years.
It's not where you're from, it's what you're doing" And that is official: local ordinances bar Fresno cops from so much as making small talk about immigration status, a policy police veterans like Farmer strongly support.
The first part deals specifically with the issue of CoPs and items of interest in establishing and maintaining these communities, and our featured author is John Hickok, He is a forward thinker in knowledge sharing and knowledge management and dedicates his time to establishing user-friendly access to the mountain of information available within DoD.
The NUWC Concept of Operations defines CoPs this way: "CoPs are a network of people engaged in a particular profession, occupation or job function, who actively seek to work more effectively, to share knowledge and information relevant to their community and to understand their work more fully.
At first blush, Night Train appears a sort of inviting crossbreed, joining the traditional procedural novel with characters and dark moods readers might more readily associate with noir fiction or a contemporary genre like the prime-time cop show (Gleick).
According to the report, only 59,765 officers funded by COPS will actually be on patrol by next year.
In a scene that makes most spaghetti westerns look restrained by comparison, he runs down the street brandishing both guns, and by the time the dust settles, he's shot four cops and taken a white woman hostage.