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n. Informal
A helicopter.


(ˈkɒptə) or


(Aeronautics) informal short for helicopter


(ˈkɒp tər)

a helicopter.
[1945–50; by shortening]


[ˈkɒptər] nhélico m


n (inf)Hubschrauber m
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Of all the accessories available for these copters, the Redneck Pontoons grips are definitely the most fun.
Under Operation Triveni, the Indian Air Force ( IAF) has dedicated six Mi17 V5 helicopters which are complimented by more copters from the home ministry's own air wing.
The copters will also be used to determine if labour companies are following the mid-day break regulations.
Director of Dubai Civil Defence's Smart Technology Section Ali Salem AB Ghalaita -- and one of the main operators of the quad copters -- says with only three in operation at the moment, he is hopeful that the next few months will witness the roll out of the aircraft in every Civil Defence station in the emirate.
The United States will purchase 30 Russian-made helicopters for the Afghan army, almost doubling the number of copters in Afghanistan s fleet, according to officials.
After a moment of communication, each of the copters starts its rotor and the craft rises into the air and hovers, maintaining its balance.
US aerospace firm Honeywell (NYSE: HON) said that the HTS900 turboshaft engine has been chosen by US-based Eagle Copters Ltd for its re-engine programme for the Bell 407 (NYSE: TXT), named the Eagle 407HP.
Large inventory of parts for restoration of copters in addition to trained staff being in place.
The copters are also equipped to provide first aid to accident victims while flying to the nearest hospital," said Col.
Viewers saw a jumble of spinning, broken images as the copters collided and plunged to the ground in a park in Phoenix, Arizona.
An area of Bound Brook, NJ near the Raritan River provided news copters and their viewers with the eerie sight of a burning building surrounded by water that firefighters could not control.