copy protection

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copy protection

Any of various methods to prevent unauthorized copying of copyrighted material on electronic media, usually by making it impossible to access the content of any of the copies.

cop′y-pro·tect′ v.

cop′y protec`tion

a method of preventing users of a computer program from making unauthorized copies, usu. through hidden instructions contained in the program code.
cop′y-protect`ed, adj.
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I do not support any such copy protection on any CD I buy--LGBT-oriented or not.
Macrovision Corporation (Nasdaq:MVSN), a developer and supplier of copy protection, electronic licensing and digital rights management (DRM) technologies, has announced that it has been awarded U.
The compact disc features a copy protection system aimed at preventing fans from turning its tracks into computer files and giving the music away online.
Higher-capacity compact discs called DVDs will not go on sale as planned in September, delayed by copy protection and licensing dilemmas.
Zenith's inclusion of copy protection is in anticipation of the need for hardware manufacturers to help protect copyrights owners' intellectual property as the digital market expands and its programming options increase, according to Dean A.
the world's leading provider of downloadable content protection, forensic watermarking and digital copy protection solutions, today announced that the U.
Supported copy protection functions include: Copy Protection for Pre-recorded Media (CPPM) and Copy Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM).
17 /PRNewswire/ -- Macrovision Corporation announced that Time Warner Cable's digital set-top decoders for its Orlando, Florida Full Service NetWork(TM) (FSN) will include Macrovision's proprietary video copy protection feature.
Widevine chosen for its unique downloadable conditional access, digital rights management and digital copy protection on set top boxes, PCs and mobile platforms
Under the settlement, Streambox will develop future products that will operate in conjunction with RealNetworks' copy protection features.
It is widely expected that pay-per-view (PPV) hit movies will require copy protection as a condition of release, especially as PPV release dates move closer to home video availability.
ECD Systems, the innovator in anti-piracy and copy protection software, announced today that independent game developer Rabidlab has implemented the latest version of ECD's Digital Armor product, which is designed specifically to protect downloadable video games, in its new game, Dodge That Anvil