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or copy editor  (kŏp′ē-ĕd′ĭ-tər)
A person who copyedits, especially as an occupation.


or cop′y ed`itor,

a person who edits a manuscript, text, etc., for publication, esp. to correct errors in style, punctuation, and grammar.
[1895–1900, Amer.]
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She has also worked as a freelance copywriter and copyeditor for a Winnipeg-based communications firm.
When he saw that AMS was hiring a copyeditor, he jumped at the opportunity to have a hands-on editorial role at an organization that publishes important and relevant research, which he hoped would also broaden his copyediting experience and skills.
The protagonist-narrator of the novel is involved as a copyeditor in a publication project of an extensive report, consisting of "one thousand one hundred pages" (Castellanos Moya 3) about the violent acts committed during the massacres; allusion to the collection of testimonials
She teaches teenagers, hikes, and works as the copyeditor of In geveb, a new digital journal of Yiddish studies.
A huge thank you to Lesley Friend who has undertaken the role of copyeditor across 2014-2015 for Practical Literacy ensuring all Ts were crossed an all Is dotted.
Moreover, Susan --in addition to her regular duties as Executive Director --served as copyeditor, content reviewer, and executive publisher of Business Economics until NABE established its current relationship with Palgrave.
It is not unreasonable to expect a copyeditor to avoid problems such as those I note here.
A recent English literature graduate, perhaps budding novelist, freelance copyeditor and, of course, music lover, Mia has more than one raison d'etre, and refuses to compromise.
He served as a copyeditor at The Bond Buyer, later becoming a reporter and editor, then moved across the hall to the American Banker newsletter division.
Many of the authors are not native speakers of English, and their work is even more to be admired in this respect, but I felt they had been let down on many occasions by the copyeditor.
Contract notice: provision of a copyeditor to produce a series of eletters and journals.
Just like Jules Verne's Phileas Fogg got his manservant Passepartout to accompany him, this freelance copyeditor with Time magazine was on the lookout for a companion.