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or copy editor  (kŏp′ē-ĕd′ĭ-tər)
A person who copyedits, especially as an occupation.


or cop′y ed`itor,

a person who edits a manuscript, text, etc., for publication, esp. to correct errors in style, punctuation, and grammar.
[1895–1900, Amer.]
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He served as a copyeditor at The Bond Buyer, later becoming a reporter and editor, then moved across the hall to the American Banker newsletter division.
It is not unreasonable to expect a copyeditor to avoid problems such as those I note here.
Janet Ellen Raasch is a writer, ghostwriter, copyeditor and blogger at Constant Content Blog.
Wherever I end up, there's sure to be some dewy-eyed copyeditor who will be happy to keep me company?
Finally, I also want to acknowledge the contributions of Patrice Mitchell who served as INQUIRY'S proofreader and copyeditor for the last two decades.
Sterling gets sucker punched at a party by Danny Siegel, a former copyeditor.
Contract notice: provision of a copyeditor to produce a series of eletters and journals.
After a few years, Harun decided to focus on her first loves - teaching and fiction - and handed the position of editor over to Lauren Brown, a former copyeditor for Boston Globe and MIT Press.
I am deeply grateful to Susan Zimmerman for her guidance in shaping this essay, to the reader and copyeditor at Shakespeare Studies whose suggestions and corrections have been invaluable throughout the production stage, and to my advisor, Mario DiGangi, whose generosity, patience, and astute advice have enriched my work and enabled it to come to fruition.
Just like Jules Verne's Phileas Fogg got his manservant Passepartout to accompany him, this freelance copyeditor with Time magazine was on the lookout for a companion.
The book, as published, reads more like a draft document ready to go to the copyeditor.