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1. An assistant who reads manuscript aloud to a proofreader.
2. A device that holds copy in place, especially for a typesetter.


(ˈkɒpɪˌhəʊldə) or

copy holder

1. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) printing one who reads aloud from the copy as the proof corrector follows the reading in the proof
2. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) printing a device that holds copy in place for the compositor
3. (Law) law (formerly) a person who held land by copyhold tenure


(ˈkɒp iˌhoʊl dər)

1. a device for holding copy in its place, as on a printer's frame or on a typewriter.
2. a person who holds an estate in copyhold.
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Noun1.copyholder - mechanical device used in printing; holds the copy for the compositor
mechanical device - mechanism consisting of a device that works on mechanical principles
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The lower rooms were entirely given over to the birds, who walked about them with a proprietary air, as though the place had been built by themselves, and not by certain dusty copyholders who now lay east and west in the churchyard.
1 WILLIAM BLACKSTONE, COMMENTARIES *74 (asserting that customary laws supported by long usage possessed "internal evidence of freedom," for they arose through "the voluntary consent of the people"); EDWARD COKE, THE COMPLEAT COPYHOLDER (1630), as reprinted in 2 THE SELECTED WRITINGS AND SPEECHES OF SIR EDWARD COKE 701 (Steve Sheppard ed.
Positioning: Accessories, such as a copyholder, mouse, task lamps, keyboards and trays also must be properly placed within the workspace.
My career in the newspaper business started when I went to work at 17 on the old Birmingham Gazette, Evening Dispatch, and Sunday Mercury, as a copyholder in the reading room.
Quit rent is "[a] payment to a feudal lord by a freeholder or copyholder, so called because upon payment the tenant goes 'quit and free' (discharged) of all other services.
Built-in copyholder positions documents in line with the screen for easier viewing.
A copyholder should be used which is at the same height as the screen so that the eyes do not have to refocus everytime the user looks from one to the other.
Of all listed Earls Colne heads of household, only one third possessed land or at least their own house as a copyholder.
KENSINGTON PREMIUM IN-LINE COPYHOLDER - Proving the notion that style can sometimes meet function - even for the most mundane of tasks - the Kensington Premium In-Line Copyholder looks so good you'd think it could fly or pick up satellite signals.
MetalWorks includes a variety of product solutions for any workspace such as a Monitor Stand, All-in-One Workstation, Desktop Copyholder, Underdesk Keyboard Manager, CPU Stand and more.
Desk Mount InSight(TM) Plus - Desk clamp copyholder provides full-viewing flexibility and allows for 360 degree rotation, adjustment of height, angle and face plate positioning and features an EasyFlip Clip, detachable clipboard, sliding line guide and InSight Priority Puck.
11) All of the common fields and some 'new broke land' (almost certainly former common grazing land on the Downs recently converted for arable use) were enclosed in 1721 by an agreement between Lady Eyre and the freeholders, copyholders, and leaseholders.