copying machine

cop′ying machine`

a machine that makes copies of original documents. Also called copier , cop′y machine`.
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David Owen provides an involving history of the Xerox as a whole, describing the long effort to turn xerography into a essential business world commodity, and considering how one shy patent attorney pursued his father's strange business scheme, rising from poverty through hard work and dream up his own copying machine.
Earlier this year, Cuba arrested 75 so-called dissidents--a group that included 26 independent journalists--and sentenced them to 28 years in prison for "crimes" that included possessing a tape recorder, having an unauthorized copying machine, or publishing articles in the foreign media.
Office rent, a copying machine, computer equipment, hiring a part-time receptionist, and an independent accountant had to be paid for.
Occasional personal use of a company copying machine, if its use is sufficiently controlled;
As a copyright holder myself, I can sympathize with the people who are worried about the Internet's effect on intellectual property rights - as I said before, the Internet is, in a very real sense, a huge copying machine.
Although the purchaser had always bought high quality copying machine paper from a particular supplier for a reasonable price, the memo prompted her to attempt to find paper at a lower price.
Then there is the electronic key each department has to insert in the central copying machine to record use.
The word is most often used in a satiric manner, and office "Luddites" are not seriously expected to set off explosive charges in the copying machine or network server.
SANTA CLARITA - From new computers to supplies for the office copying machine, schools across the valley spelled out wish lists Wednesday for spending thousands of dollars earned for meeting their mark on the Academic Performance Index.
The school also wants to use the money to purchase a copying machine and to pay a fee to load the computers with programs.