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One who edits and corrects newspaper copy for publication.


(Journalism & Publishing) US a person who edits and prepares newspaper copy for publication; subeditor


(ˈkɒp iˌri dər)

2. a newspaper employee who edits copy and writes headlines.
[1890–95, Amer.]
cop′y•read`, v.t. -read (-ˌrɛd) -read•ing.
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Noun1.copyreader - an editor who prepares text for publicationcopyreader - an editor who prepares text for publication
editor, editor in chief - a person responsible for the editorial aspects of publication; the person who determines the final content of a text (especially of a newspaper or magazine)


[ˈkɒpɪˌriːdəʳ] Ncorrector(a) m/f
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Mesoga, 35, is a copyreader at the Bureau of Learning Resources at the central office of the Department of Education (DepEd) in Pasig City.
A copyreader is "a publishing house editor who reads and corrects manuscript copy" or "one who reads and evaluates usu[ally] unsolicited manuscripts for publication" (Webster's).
starting as a copyreader for the AP-Dow Jones Newswire.
His first job after graduation was as a copyreader for the New York Times, a paper that he found "colorless, odorless, and especially tasteless.
49) Examples of situations in which courts have found 10b-5 violations under the misappropriation doctrine include a psychiatrist using information gleaned from a patient to trade Bank of America securities; (50) a son using information gleaned from his father to trade call options in the Amax Corporation; (51) a reporter using information that under contract belonged to his paper to trade on stocks appearing in future editions of the Heard on the Street column in the Wall Street Journal; (52) and a copyreader using information gained from a financial printer to trade on four future takeover (or "tender offer") targets.
The paper notes that, in pedagogy, the editorial function is often given a limited definition, while in a professional environment, editing is invariably conducted at four different levels and often by different people--the commissioning editor, the structural editor, the copyreader, and the proofreader.
In his 35 years at the paper, Walsh advanced from copyreader to makeup editor, state editor, and bureau editor before being named assistant managing editor.
It is an important first check on understandability: the copyreader is a kind of first test reader, protecting the subscriber against over-expertise on the one hand and writing down on the other.
In his autobiography, The Gift of Life (1947), Woodward zestfully described his long and varied career as a cotton picker, copyreader, editor of subscription books, advertising agent, newspaperman, banker, and writer in various fields.
Brauchli's career at Dow Jones began in 1984, when he joined the company as a national copyreader for AP-Dow Jones News Services.
Brauchli was a 24-year veteran of Dow Jones, having started as a copyreader for the AP-Dow Jones Newswire.