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All that he was and was not, all that he had done and most of what he had not done, was spread out for the delectation of the public, accompanied by snapshots and photographs - the latter procured from the local photographer who had once taken Martin's picture and who promptly copyrighted it and put it on the market.
After the police had sternly reprimanded James Williams for imitating a copyrighted burglar and given him as honourable a discharge as the department was capable of, Mrs.
4) These industries create, manufacture and distribute copyrighted (or copyrightable) works.
This thoroughly 'user friendly' instruction manual shows aspiring authors how to register their work; how to maximize copyright protection for their work; how to use a copyright notice; how to transfer ownership of a copyright; how to avoid copyright infringements and effectively deal with those who infringe on their copyrighted material; the legal definition of the 'fair use' rule; how to obtain permission to use copyrighted work; how to profit from a copyright.
With the greatly expanded opportunities for instruction, research, and publishing offered by the World Wide Web, teachers often find themselves challenged by legal and ethical questions concerning the use of copyrighted material in the classroom.
In fact, there are many circumstances under which images made for reasons other than "personal enjoyment" may be used without permission, for example in news reporting or political commentary, just as it may be entirely legal to quote copyrighted writings without the author's approval, notwithstanding assertions to the contrary by presses that certainly know (and ought to act) better.
Even if they could be, the Pirates were protected by the "fair use" doctrine, which permits individuals the right to freely reproduce limited amounts of copyrighted material in limited situations.
In the lawsuit, Random Lengths alleged that LowGrade was regularly and systematically redistributing Random Lengths' copyrighted reports from one company location to other LowGrade locations without payment or authorization by Random Lengths.
Did you know that every e-mail you write, every Web page you create, anything that you generate in a tangible form is automatically copyrighted by United States law--whether you officially register it with the U.
To prepare a derivative computer program based on the copyrighted computer program.
Berman said co-owner Linn Skinner's ``livelihood has been destroyed by Internet piracy'' as her copyrighted works have been copied and posted on hundreds of P2P networks.
Written for attorneys representing both owners and users of copyrighted material, the handbook analyzes the basics of copyright protection, the elements of copyright infringement, international copyright laws, copyright protection in cyberspace, legal decisions, specific legislation, including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Uniform Computer Technology Act, and new technologies being used to manage the use and distribution of digital information.