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Of, relating to, or affecting both the scapula and the clavicle.
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Left shoulder joint radiographs, including an anteroposterior view of the left AC joint, revealed widening of the AC joint and an increased coracoclavicular (CC) space (measuring 32 mm), along with marked elevation of the clavicle (Figure 1).
NEER classified this fracture into two types based on the condition of Coracoclavicular (CC) ligament.
Coracoid process is a small hooked structure located on the scapular neck that arises anteriorly and serves as attachment for the coracoacromial, coracoclavicular and coracohumeral ligament, as well as for tendons of the coracobrachial, small pectoral and short head of the biceps brachii muscle.
A curved oscillating saw was then utilized to cut the base of the coracoid, taking care not to damage the coracoclavicular ligaments.
1) Surgeries included coracoclavicular fixation with a cancellous screw or transfixation of the AC joint with Steinmann pins or Kirschner wires.
En la cara lateral articula con el omoplato y esta asegurada por los ligamentos acromioclavicular y coracoclavicular que se insertan en el acromion.
However, avulsion fracture at the site where the coracoclavicular ligament (CCL) attaches to the coracoid process is very rare; an extensive literature search found only six such cases [3-8].
The second block was dissected 1 cm from the lateral calcified clavicle including acromioclavicular ligaments, coracoclavicular ligament, and 1 cm of acromion (Figure 1).
The patients with bone fracture and dislocation are often complicated with injuries in acromioclavicular ligament and coracoclavicular ligament.
They were treated with open reduction and internal fixation of the fracture using an anatomically-contoured, low-profile distal clavicle plate and coracoclavicular ligament augmentation with a coracoclavicular cerclage.