coral bells

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cor′al bells′

an alumroot, Heucherasanguinea, of SW North America, having drooping, bell-shaped flowers in coral hues.
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Planting beds in the front and rear for this English Tudor Gem integrate characteristic English garden plants like boxwood, hydrangea, coral bells and astilbe along with today's hardy ornamental grasses and smaller-scale ornamental trees perfectly suited for suburban lots.
Chinese foxgloves offer oversize digitalis-like blooms in the middle, and mixed varieties of coral bells in front add handsome foliage and delicate pink flowers.
Although these sprays rise a foot and a half off the ground, coral bells is still an ideal plant for the front edge of a flower bed.
uk - 0844 557 2244) HEUCHERA Known as coral bells, heucheras begin blooming in early June and don't stop until the end of August.
Coral bells (Heuchera) boast 70 species, many playing a major role in raised garden beds, textured borders and bouquets.
When empty dishes were returned to the counter between the dining room and kitchen, more rounds filled the room, beginning with White Coral Bells and the Canoe Song.
One of the best candidates for growing under redwoods is Heuchera, sometimes referred to as coral bells, a ground cover for semi-shade.
Commonly known as Alum root or coral bells, they have become one of the most popular perennial plants in recent years, due in most part to the efforts of specialist breeders developing hybrid varieties that sport abundant flowers and stunningly beautiful f oliage.
The colors have names like Sand Dollar, Waterscape, Coral Bells and Euphoric Lilac.
Demonstrating Metropolitan's commitment to the region's landscape heritage, Pace joined Russo in ceremoniously planting California-native Coral Bells -- or Heuchera -- in the courtyard at the district's headquarters building near Union Station.
Harvey will farm around and under the panels with plants such as peppers, flowers such as coral bells and livestock such as chickens that are compatible with the new environment created by the solar panels.
Within the planters are lavender, sage, and coral bells offering fragrance, color, and a soft touch.