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Adj.1.coral-red - of red tinged with coral
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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The Wood's lamp revealed a coral-red fluorescence in the interdigital spaces (figure 2), which led us to a diagnosis of erythrasma.
13 13 BMW M135i M Performance 5dr, BMW warranty until April 2016, one owner, service history, spare key supplied, headlight wash, privacy glass, 6 speed, 18"alloys, Bluetooth, CD player, air-conditioning, xenons, 8k, jet black, full coral-red leather PS22,995
Her mouth was the ring of Solomon, her lips coral-red, and her teeth likealineofstrungpearlsorofcamomile petals.
Red varieties of astilbe such as Feuer will give you coral-red flowers to September, above delicate feathery plumes.
Red varieties of astilbe such as 'Feuer' will give you coral-red flowers to September, above delicate feathery plumes.
Modern uses a high-gloss black with coral-red accents.
A sequence of brights, including an orange (A Roll in The Hague), a coral-red (Red Lights Ahead .
Perhaps it was a hawthorn (Crataegus viridis "Winter King") covering itself with clusters of white flowers in late April to be followed by persistent coral-red fruit that contrasts beautifully against the glossy green foliage.
For the palace of the Shah Abbas of Ispahan, Bakst created 'an unheard of violence of peacock-green and blue', complemented by harmonies of coral-red and rose-pink.
Sango-kaku has coral-red shoots and orange-yellow leaves which turn yellow in autumn and Linearilobum has deeply cut leaves that also turn yellow in autumn.