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also cor·beille  (kôr′bəl, kôr-bā′)
A sculptured basket of flowers or fruits used as an architectural ornament.

[French corbeille, from Late Latin corbicula, little basket, diminutive of Latin corbis, basket.]


(ˈkɔːbəl; French kɔrbɛj) or


(Architecture) architect a carved ornament in the form of a basket of fruit, flowers, etc
[C18: from French corbeille basket, from Late Latin corbicula a little basket, from Latin corbis basket]


or cor•beille

(ˈkɔr bəl, kɔrˈbeɪ)

a sculptured architectural ornament, esp. on a capital, having the form of a basket.
[1700–10; < French corbeille < Late Latin corbicula= Latin corbi(s) basket + -cula -cule1]


A sculpture of a basket of fruit or flowers, used as an architectural ornament.
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That was the reason why I left my Chateau du Vallon near Corbeil, and came to my estate, Bracieux.
Finally, we have waited in a roadside inn, not far from the gate of the chateau, for the departure of Monsieur de Marquet, the magistrate of Corbeil.
In the first place, very good wages, to which were attached, and from which hung, like extra bunches of grapes on his vine, the revenues of the civil and criminal registries of the provostship, plus the civil and criminal revenues of the tribunals of Embas of the Châtelet, without reckoning some little toll from the bridges of Mantes and of Corbeil, and the profits on the craft of Shagreen-makers of Paris, on the corders of firewood and the measurers of salt.
The final curtain of the Canadian Opera's Company's Don Quichotte in May marked the end of the operatic road for tenor Michel Corbeil, whose Bandit Chief in the Massenet was the final bow in his 20-year-career as a character singer.
She leaves three sons, James Corbeil of Georgia, Gary Corbeil of Sturbridge and John Corbeil of West Brookfield; five daughters, Dorothy Corbeil of Florida, Cynthia Skowyra of West Warren, Helen Corbeil-Cameron of Wales, Maryann Corbeil of Worcester and Paula Dussault of Southbridge; one sister, Evelyn Foskett of California; seven grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.
The Corbeil bus equipped with padded high-back seats and belts was won by Antelope Valley Union School District through a drawing sponsored by seat manufacturer IMMI SafeGuard.
After five years of running the stud mill, Pierre Corbeil, general manager of Tembec's northeastern Ontario sawmills, says antiquated machinery combined with poor economic conditions led to the sawmill section being shut down last fall.
Edward Corbeil has been named executive director of Sunrise Assisted Living of Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.
Rgis Caillot, Responsable Du Service De La Commande Publique - 2, Place Galignani, 91108, Corbeil Essonnes Cedex, F
Corbeil, age 85, died Wednesday, March 28, 2007 of Lung Cancer after being recently diagnosed, at the Life Care Center of Auburn.
Lancaster led 4-3 entering the top of the eighth inning, when Azarias Corbeil hit a three-run homer off JetHawks closer Brandon Medders, who had converted 11 of his previous 12 save opportunities.
Pierre Corbeil, general manager of Tembec's Northern Ontario east operations, says rail access has been a topic of discussion with the company for a decade.