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 (kôr′bəl, -bĕl′)
A piece of stone, wood, brick, or other building material, projecting from the face of a wall and generally used to support a cornice or arch.
tr.v. cor·beled, cor·bel·ing, cor·bels also cor·belled or cor·bel·ling
To provide with or support by a corbel or corbels.

[Middle English, from Old French, diminutive of corp, raven (from the similarity of its shape to that of a raven's beak), from Latin corvus.]
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Adj.1.corbelled - having a corbel
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the services concern the repair works of pi sncf droux, Which include the reconstruction of corbelled cornices, The replacement of restraint systems, The complete repair of the roadway and watertightness, And the partial patching of the abutment walls.
Other features worthy of any Game of Thrones episode include a pair of corbelled two-storey turrets on the north front, a vaulted basement, decorated pediments, a garret and walls with bullet holes in them.
The building's facade will feature a corbelled black and blonde Norman brick exterior with large classic industrial-style windows.
Like the doors and balcony behind you, the heavy dark wooden beams spanning over the cylindrical columns of the arcade are traditional in form with carved corbelled brackets and wrought iron straps.