cordate leaf

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Noun1.cordate leaf - a heart-shaped leafcordate leaf - a heart-shaped leaf      
simple leaf - a leaf that is not divided into parts
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Whitten, known experimentally as DRC96-1, was selected for (i) cordate leaf base with shallow lobing and serrated margins, (ii) plant height, a gross indicator of yield (Wilson and Joyner, 1969; Higgins, 1974), (iii) resistance to powdery mildew [caused by Leveillula taurica (Lev.
rhaponticum), having large, cordate leaf blades borne on long, thick stalks: the stalks are cooked into a sauce or baked in pies, but the blades (leaves) are poisonous.
3] generations for plant height, stalk diameter at 45-cm height, and the cordate leaf character.