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1. Tied or bound with cords.
2. Furnished with or made of cords.
3. Ribbed or twilled: a corded bedspread.
4. Stacked in cords: corded firewood.


1. bound or fastened with cord
2. (Textiles) (of a fabric) ribbed
3. (Zoology) (of muscles) standing out like cords


(ˈkɔr dɪd)

1. furnished with, made of, or in the form of cords.
2. ribbed, as a fabric.
3. bound with cords.
4. (of wood) stacked up in cords.
5. stringy or ribbed in appearance.
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Adj.1.corded - of textilescorded - of textiles; having parallel raised lines
rough, unsmooth - having or caused by an irregular surface; "trees with rough bark"; "rough ground"; "rough skin"; "rough blankets"; "his unsmooth face"


adj (= ribbed)gerippt
References in classic literature ?
Elizabeth Willard had a dread of being seen by guests in the hotel that had once belonged to her father and the ownership of which still stood re- corded in her name in the county courthouse.
Aunt Chloe shut and corded the box, and, getting up, looked gruffly on the trader, her tears seeming suddenly turned to sparks of fire.
In that cellar the bones and skulls of several hundred of former citizens were compactly corded up.
There was a light in the porter's lodge: when we reached it, we found the porter's wife just kindling her fire: my trunk, which had been carried down the evening before, stood corded at the door.
You are already corded and labelled, and will be shipped over by the next mail,--`To Miss Semiramis Wilcox, 1001 99th St.