core drill

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Noun1.core drill - a drill that removes a cylindrical core from the drill hole
core bit - a hollow drilling bit that is the cutting part of a core drill; allows core samples to be taken
drill - a tool with a sharp point and cutting edges for making holes in hard materials (usually rotating rapidly or by repeated blows)
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com/research/n379jk/global_and) has announced the addition of the "Global and Chinese Core Drill Industry Report, 2012-2015" report to their offering.
The Wallis Drilling program will commence with two rigs, a KL900 truck mounted multi-purpose RC & diamond core drill rig and a Wallis/Alton diamond drill rig mounted to a steel tracked carrier.
The core drill assembly is based on the field-proven Minicor model and is fitted with the unique Traversacor core-zone extension system (patent pending) that, when deployed, allows the core drill to extend up to 46 inches out from the end of the deck and travel six-feet side-to-side from the curb to more than three-quarters of the way across the width of the truck.
The LF 140 is a compact, powerful, diamond core drill, featuring a gear driven hollow spindle PQ drill head and chuck.
The Company has completed the first 24 of a planned 40 core drill holes comprising this surface core drilling campaign.
STOW's CDM-1H hand-held core drill is designed for multiple small applications.
North Bay's exploration group owns brands such as JKS Boyles, Hobic Bit, Christensen Products, Craelius diamond drill bits and Diamec underground core drill, says Robert Gibson, Atlas Copco Exploration's financial officer.
The completion and results of processing of core drill samples, use of results of core drilling samples in PFS, and the scope of continued metallurgical testing are forward-looking statements.