corn crake

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corn′ crake`

a short-billed Eurasian rail, Crex crex.
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Conversely, the honey buzzard (Pernis apivorus, n = 26) and corn crake (Crex crex, n = 8) had the highest cholinesterase activity levels with a mean [DELTA]pH of 0.
In reflection, I see how I checked off each new "life bird" that I had seen and annotated dates, locations and behaviors for every bird in the book except the corn crake, a rare bird from western Europe that had been recorded in America - and has since been impossible to see again.
Other rare birds featured include the corn crake of the Outer Hebrides as well as the peregrine falcon, red kite, bittern, avocet, bearded tit, cirl bunting and marsh harrier.