corn field

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Noun1.corn field - a field planted with corncorn field - a field planted with corn    
grain field, grainfield - a field where grain is grown
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The whole world seemed to Ray Pearson to have become alive with something just as he and Hal had suddenly become alive when they stood in the corn field stating into each other's eyes.
He seemed to have lost his own sense of what had happened in the corn field and when he put up a strong hand and took hold of the lapel of Ray's coat he shook the old man as he might have shaken a dog that had misbehaved.
After the patent protection validity of nicosulfuron in China expired in January 2007, too many domestic manufactures, stimulated by the fat profit and good weeding effect of nicosulfuron in corn field, registered and entered into nicosulfuron production, which makes very serious to the overcapacity and price plunge of nicosulfuron.
Seventy-five ears were collected in May from a St-enhanced sweet corn field (Syngenta 'GSS 0966'), and 360 ears were collected in December from a standard sweet corn field ('Obsession') and examined for fly larvae within silk channels.
As the plane caught fire, its tail section sheared off with Henry inside and landed in a corn field near Beesel.
They found that bioethanol's water requirements can be as high as 861 billion gallons of water from the corn field to the fuel pump in 2007.
Until yesterday, Sid, a lovable beige male poodle, was living in a corn field next to a busy highway near Paralimni.
It may be true, but then again, Jimmy Dugan (Tom Hanks) never heard Ray Kinsella (Costner) ask his late father if he wanted to ``have a catch'' in a corn field.
There were days when we disappeared into the corn field to give her time to wind down from the stress of her labor.
THE badly decomposed body of a man has been found at the side of the corn field in north Warwickshire.
The man, in his 20s, approached the 11-year-old in a corn field in Lymm, Warrington, and invited her and a friend back to his home.
One general, a chronic alcoholic, marched off to quell the Tomochic uprising, and ended up attacking a corn field while in a drunken stupor.