corn gluten feed

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Noun1.corn gluten feed - a feed consisting primarily of corn gluten
feed, provender - food for domestic livestock
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With the potential confusion surrounding media reports that the European Union is instituting special testing requirements that assures corn gluten feed that enters the EU does not contain Syngenta's Bt10 trait product, Monsanto officials believed it was important to provide the information to its farmer customers.
The co-products market is also expected to benefit from the deal, as export duties for corn gluten feed and dried distillers grains will go to zero.
3 billion gallons of the fuel were produced in 2014 (Renewable Fuels Association, Ethanol Industry Statistics), with dried distiller's grains, corn gluten feed, and corn gluten meal being the chief coproducts.
The plants have a combined production capacity of 515 million gallons per year, produce over one million tons per year of ethanol co-products such as wet and dry distillers grains, wet and dry corn gluten feed, condensed distillers solubles, corn gluten meal, corn germ, corn oil, distillers yeast and CO2.
Corn gluten feed is a relatively high-fiber, medium energy, medium-protein product that is essentially fed to ruminants.
Corn gluten feed (CGF) is a by-product of the wet milling of corn for starch or the ethanol industry, and is composed primarily of corn bran and steep liquor (Scott et al.
After a 3A' year effort by the US Grains Council (USGC) in partnership with USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service, the taxes were finally eliminated in September last year, including those on distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS) and corn gluten feed (CGF).
Corn gluten feed pellets Sunflowerseed meal pellets, US 23-24% Arg/Uru 37-38% Aug 10 unq FOB Rotterdam (Euro/metric ton) Spot unq Thailand tapioca hard pellets Palm kernel expellers FOB Rotterdam (Euro/metric ton) Malaysian/Indonesia Spot unq Aug 10 130.
Turkey's new regulations on food and feed products import would impact US exports as Turkey is the 27th largest export market for all US goods, particularly for corn gluten feed (GCF) and dried grains with solubles (DDGS).
And it warned that a ban on US corn gluten feed exports to the European Union had depressed by-product prices and margins.
Dry milling ethanol plants produce distillers' grains and solubles together with ethanol, while wet milling plants produce corn gluten feed, corn gluten meal, corn oil, and other high-value products with ethanol.
Baumgartner, Iowa State University, earned third place for "Spontaneous Heating of Corn Gluten Feed Pellets.