corn snake

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corn′ snake`

a large harmless rat snake, Elaphe guttata guttata, of the SE U.S., yellow, tan, or gray in color.
[1670–80, Amer.]
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Noun1.corn snake - large harmless snake of southeastern United States; often on farms
rat snake - any of various nonvenomous rodent-eating snakes of North America and Asia
Elaphe, genus Elaphe - North American rat snakes
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RSPCA Cymru officers tended to animals in need throughout the Christmas holidays, with 129 calls logged to the charity between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day - including a corn snake rescued in Bangor on Christmas Day.
RSPCA Cymru was contacted after the Carolina corn snake was found by unsuspecting employees at the Dwr Cymru treatment works site in Caernarfon.
xyzReptiles most recently added a group of six new and exciting Corn Snake Morphs to their Colubrid lineup By meeting new and upcoming breeders at the last National Reptile Breeders Expo, the buying team at xyzReptiles was able to secure a steady source of quality and captively bred Corn Snake Morphs on a year round basis.
But last night the harmless corn snake was continuing to give everyone the slip by hiding behind the panels of the vehicle in Seaton, Aberdeen.
Animal charity the RSPCA was called after the dead adult corn snake was discovered on a patch of grass next to the footpath on Rotary Way (A193), a main road into the Northumberland town.
She has been searching for the Miami corn snake and left flour around the property in a bid to find him.
There's a clay-red corn snake I can't unsee, flayed skin like
Police called in reptile experts who arrived at the scene and identified the slippery customer as a harmless, but impressive-looking, corn snake.
The four-foot long corn snake was found in the wheelie bin in Nuneaton last week and had burn marks on its neck.
A member of the public found the snow corn snake on Saturday at Cae Nant Gledyr.
At about 11pm, members of the public reported that the metre-long snake - identified by the RSPCA as a corn snake - had been seen slithering up the car's engine.
Police sergeant ALI LIVINGSTONE, 33, dubbed Robocop because of his high arrest rate, is petrified by a 2ft corn snake on the loose in Ipswich, Suffolk, and gets a colleague to catch it.