corn snake

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corn′ snake`

a large harmless rat snake, Elaphe guttata guttata, of the SE U.S., yellow, tan, or gray in color.
[1670–80, Amer.]
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Noun1.corn snake - large harmless snake of southeastern United States; often on farms
rat snake - any of various nonvenomous rodent-eating snakes of North America and Asia
Elaphe, genus Elaphe - North American rat snakes
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Roberta Vaituke, 10, was stunned to find a 5ft corn snake lurking in the bathroom.
Rosemary Leckie thought her pet corn snake must have died after disappearing .
The 20-mont1 hold orange-tan coloured corn snake slithered to freedom last week and sparked a frantic search by its owner Amanda Gott, a former zoology student, with the help of boyfriend Mark Barber, 29.
The firefighters at Bootle leapt into action to remove the snake, later identified as an non-venomous North American corn snake.
The couple, who kept a pet albino corn snake in their bed, split in 1999.
Police believe the non-poisonous corn snake is an escaped pet.
Q IS it a good idea to add three Rainbow Snakes into my Corn Snake vivarium?
Zoolab ranger Jamie Moffitt explained all about the animals, which included a ghost corn snake, a scorpion, a tarantula and giant African land snails, and took them closer to the youngsters to examine - while many mums and dads stayed well back
The RSPCA took the non-poisonous American corn snake away the next morning.
Gordon Aikman, 52, was clearing out a Citroen Zsara when he saw the bright orange corn snake.
RSPCA officers are now trying to trace the owner of the 18-inch-long corn snake, which is native to America.
The 20-month-old orange and tan-coloured corn snake slithered to freedom from her Felinheli home last week.