corn stalk

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also corn stalk  (kôrn′stôk′)
The stalk or stem of a corn plant.
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Noun1.corn stalk - the stalk of a corn plant
corn, Indian corn, maize, Zea mays - tall annual cereal grass bearing kernels on large ears: widely cultivated in America in many varieties; the principal cereal in Mexico and Central and South America since pre-Columbian times
stalk, stem - a slender or elongated structure that supports a plant or fungus or a plant part or plant organ
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Roosevelt uses a linear timeline of the battle of Point Pleasant in what would one day be West Virginia when half-blood Cayuga Chief Logan, and the Shawnee Chief Corn Stalk gathered 1,000 Shawnee, Delaware, and some Iroquois to give battle to 1,500 to 2,000 Virginia militia under the Royal British Governor of Virginia, John Murray the Earl of Dunmore, in the Fall of 1774.
The watermelon seedling may apparently encounter the same fate as the corn stalk, as AtayE-n has written about it, too.
Corn stalk cutter used in lieu of a hand-held corn knife when shocking corn.
s motives are never clear, and the finale involving an injury by corn stalk is laughable.
In front of him, a family decorates a single corn stalk for the festival--celebrating both the year's bequest from Mother Earth and their role in the mystery of the single kernel that "produces much fruit" (John 12:24).
POWERCORE will reportedly provide increased corn yield between 5% and 10% with the control of major corn pests, including Fall armyworm, Sugarcane borer, Corn earworm, Corn stalk borer and Black cutworm and tolerance to two types of herbicides - glyphosate and glufosinate.
But they didn't want their hired helpers sleeping in the hedge by lunchtime, so the beer was as thin as a corn stalk.
If we used every last corn stalk to produce ethanol, we'd offset less than 15 percent of our vast consumption.
Old timers tell tales of the Native Americans burying a piece of fish under every corn stalk in their fields.
MEXICAN WAVE:; Chris tastes a corn stalk, and tries his hand with the plough after being caught in a media cirus outside Mexico City; DOWN TO EARTH: Chris Martin watches a Mexican farmer at work
Genetics of parenchyma cell death in corn stalk internodes and leaf midribs.
PHOTO : Iowa State University entomologist David Orr examines a corn stalk.