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 (kôrn′bôl′) Slang
One who behaves in a mawkish or unsophisticated manner.
Mawkish or unsophisticated; corny: a kid's cornball humor.

[From corn ball, a ball of popcorn and molasses.]


a person given to mawkish or unsophisticated behaviour
another word for corny
[C20: from corn ball a sweet consisting of a ball of popcorn and molasses]


Informal. n.
1. a person who indulges in clichés or sentimentality.
2. a country bumpkin; hick.
3. corny.
[1835–45, Amer.; compare screwball, oddball]


[ˈkɔːnbɔːl] N (US) → paleto/a m/f
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Fourth place went to Fox's "The Greatest Showman," a "good old-fashioned cornball PG musical" (so says Variety.
com/2016/03/rick-ross-chris-rock-cornball-oscars-monologue/) cornball .
Cornball T-shirts that say things like "JC/DC" with "Jesus Christ/Demon Crusher" or other such nonsense on them.
It sounds so cornball, but being sexy is really feeling it inside, says Samuels.
This Widow, then, was all about cornball humour interspersed with some well-sung interludes.
Although Dracula at one point reprimands a comrade by telling him, "We don't have time for zingers," "Hotel Transylvania 2" is awash in throwaway one-liners, to the point that its plot comes across as just a rickety skeleton designed to prop up Sandler and company's litany of cornball punchlines and gags.
This little known moment of solidarity between two oppressed groups should have made for a stirring, anti-Tory comedy-drama, but instead we get simplistic, rather cliched featherweight cornball.
NEW YORK -- Get ready for a familiar mix of gentle, cornball jokes and country music when a stage version of "Hee Haw'' lands in Texas this fall.
It looks and feels like utter cornball but the sheer commitment of the stars makes the whole thing deeply watchable.
Snatching the just finished speech as he strode to the rostrum, he began reading, turning the pages and giving the audience his cornball smile as if to say: "Pretty good huh, all my own work".
When I was in college in the 1970s, I recall my art history professor making disparaging remarks about Rockwell, whom he dismissed as a "mere commercial illustrator of cornball, overly sentimental" art.
The company compares the game to Leisure Suit Larry, a vintage computer game that follows the exploits of Larry Laffer, a sleazy middle-aged Lothario fond of double entendres and cornball pickup lines in his often failed attempts to seduce women.