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 (kôr′nəl, -nĕl′)
Any of various plants of the genus Cornus, which includes the bunchberry and dogwoods.

[Short for German Kornelbaum, cornel tree (from Middle High German kurnelboum, from Old High German kurnilboum) or from French cornouille, both from Medieval Latin corniola, from diminutive of Latin cornus.]


(Plants) any cornaceous plant of the genus Cornus, such as the dogwood and dwarf cornel
[C16: probably from Middle Low German kornelle, from Old French cornelle, from Vulgar Latin cornicula (unattested), from Latin cornum cornel cherry, from cornus cornel tree]


(ˈkɔr nl)

any tree or shrub of the genus Cornus; dogwood.
[1400–50; late Middle English corneille < Middle French < Vulgar Latin *cornicul(a)= Latin corn(us) cornel + -i- -i- + -cula -cule1]
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Noun1.cornel - a tree of shrub of the genus Cornus often having showy bracts resembling flowerscornel - a tree of shrub of the genus Cornus often having showy bracts resembling flowers
Cornus, genus Cornus - a rosid dicot genus of the family Cornaceae including: dogwood; cornel: perennial chiefly deciduous shrubs or small trees of temperate regions of northern hemisphere
dogwood - hard tough wood of any dogwood of the genus Cornus; resembles boxwood
common white dogwood, Cornus florida, eastern flowering dogwood - deciduous tree; celebrated for its large white or pink bracts and stunning autumn color that is followed by red berries
American dogwood, Cornus stolonifera, red osier, red osier dogwood, redbrush, red dogwood - common North American shrub with reddish purple twigs and white flowers
Cornus obliqua, silky dogwood - shrub of eastern North America closely resembling silky cornel
Cornus amomum, silky cornel, silky dogwood - shrub of eastern North America having purplish stems and blue fruit
blood-twig, common European dogwood, Cornus sanguinea, pedwood, red dogwood - European deciduous shrub turning red in autumn having dull white flowers
bunchberry, Cornus canadensis, crackerberry, dwarf cornel, pudding berry - creeping perennial herb distinguished by red berries and clustered leaf whorls at the tips of shoots; Greenland to Alaska
cornelian cherry, Cornus mas - deciduous European shrub or small tree having bright red fruit
angiospermous tree, flowering tree - any tree having seeds and ovules contained in the ovary
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This I will declare to you exactly: by this shaft of cornel wood I will surely make you a leader renowned among the deathless gods, and fortunate, and will give you glorious gifts and will not deceive you from first to last.
Described as "an artistic gem" by the maestro Cornel West, Russian-American Konstantin Kulakov's upcoming debut collection of poems has received critical acclaim in the US; the collection is due for publishing in December, 2015
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On this day Bulgarians put inside each slice of the banitsa small cornel tree branches with different number of buds on them, as a lucky sign for the people sharing the meal.
2 Researchers at Cornel University in America discovered that women who eat apples every day reduce their risk of breast cancer by up to 17%.
ADAMS - (NEE MORRIS) BERYL - Hydref 8fed 2013 yn frawychus o sydyn yn Ysbyty Glan Clwyd o 16 Bro Geirionydd, Trefriw (gynt o Cornel Crafnant) yn 64 mlwydd oed.
Commandant Frontier Constabulary (FC) Quetta, Cornel Maqbool Shah talking to media has said that these terrorists had planned to fire the rockets on city on August 14.
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