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also corner back  (kôr′nər-băk′)
n. Abbr. CB Football
Either of two defensive backs normally positioned behind the linebackers and toward the sidelines.


(American Football) American football a defensive back


(ˈkɔr nərˌbæk)

a defensive back in football who covers the area behind the line of scrimmage near the sideline.
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Noun1.cornerback - a defensive football player stationed outside the linebackers
football player, footballer - an athlete who plays American football
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nTrap draws for next Friday's finals:- Ryans Cleaning Sprint (325y): 1 Jackpot Jimmy, 2 Ashbrook Prince, 3 Corner Back, 4 Ballygarvie, 5 Kilmalady Boy (w), 6 Rackenray Prince (w).
Fat Joe's commercial shows him standing on his neighborhood corner back in the day when he receives a "chirp" and one of his friends invites him to a rap performance.
lThe news comes as a major boost for manager Paul Grimley as 2005 All-Star corner back Mallon has re-joined the squad after opting out last year, while ace attacker Clarke was straight back into training after returning from his latest travels last weekend.
Russell netted from two yards out after Grant Holt headed Adam Drury's corner back across goal.
Rene Howe gave the visitors an early lead when he turned the ball past Wayne Brown after Neil Wainwright put a corner back into the Bury box.
DALLAS Cowboys are down to 20-1 (from 33-1) to take the Super Bowl crown after star corner back Deion Sanders showed just why he is called "Prime Time".
He played running back and corner back with the Warriors.
I much prefer the halfback line to corner back because you get to join the attack and get on more ball.