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Noun1.corner man - a man at one end of line of performers in a minstrel show; carries on humorous dialogue with the interlocutor
minstrel show - a troupe of performers in blackface typically giving a comic program of negro songs and jokes
minstrel - a performer in a minstrel show
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On that line she's the corner man,'' Panarelli said.
He eventually returned to Shotton ABC before deciding to turn pro in 2013 under trainer Shane Thomas and corner man Clive Doran - father of Connah's Quay fighter Tom.
He described how dog fighting was like boxing and governed by similar rules, meaning there had to be a corner man and first-aid kits available during the fights in a pit 12ft square and 2ft 6ins deep.
ANDY FAIRWEATHER LOW The former Amen Corner man and Cardiff boy made good is the subject of a documentary on BBC1 Wales tomorrow night at 10.
She lost her first-round contest but then, with the help of her corner man Dorn, won her last two rounds to become ladies champion for the second year in a row.
His trainer was also the corner man when world champion Ricky Burns won the Gaelic Games at the age of just 15.
The Irish Mirror told earlier this week how Jones, an amateur martial arts fighter, acts as a corner man for his brother and carries his bucket for him - hence his nickname Charlie Bucket.
A martial arts and kick boxing enthusiast, the 21-year-old got his nickname "Charlie Bucket" working for his brother, also a keen amateur fighter, acting as his corner man and carrying a bucket for his bouts.
Joining her is former boxing champion, Sugar Ray Leonard who chats about what he's been up to since retiring including training Hugh Jackman for his role as the corner man to a fighting robot in the sci-fi film Real Steel.
Dundee, who died on February 1 aged 90, was Ali's corner man during his stellar ring career.
Maxwell's corner man Jon Pegg was not disappointed with the result.
Poets' corner MAN WITH A SILLY MOUSTAT CHE There was a bad man with a silly moustache, He strutted about shouting all balderdash.