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Noun1.corner pocket - a pocket at the corner of a billiard tablecorner pocket - a pocket at the corner of a billiard table
pocket - an opening at the corner or on the side of a billiard table into which billiard balls are struck
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The Tiger Cubs had a chance to win it in regulation but Cansino's 3-point attempt from the left corner pocket was short.
However, he left the red ball fairly close to the corner pocket and Peaker managed to pot it off the side cushion and run out with the required 28 points he needed to take the first game 200-195.
1 on the left corner pocket but eventually scratched the cue ball on the side that opened a door of opportunity for LV and Liu to sweep the table for a 6-4 edge.
At 7-7 Bingham suffered a stroke of misfortune when his attempted black bounced off the back of a top corner pocket and stayed on the baize - leaving Murphy to pot the last red to go 8-7 ahead.
A run of 53 from Robertson widened the gap, and Selby's bad night was summed up when he led 44-27 in the sixth frame but left the black off the final red over a corner pocket, handing back the initiative at a stroke.
THE Corner Pocket Jazz Club will play its first gig at its new home this week.
Bangus' Norby Briones converted two foul shots and Robin Santiago's corner pocket brought it back down to 7, but Chua and Lontoc's baskets extended the lead by 11, 17-6, 5:16 minutes remaining.
DOMINANCE Hawkins missed a red to a corner pocket in the next frame and O'Sullivan made a stunning 55 clearance to pinch it on the final black ball.
He could not get close enough to the pink to make it a formality and rattled it around the jaws of a corner pocket.
Despite his relative isolation in a remote corner pocket of Manhattan, the city at large has embraced Belamarich wholeheartedly.
Wilson produced what must be one of the best pots of the competition by chipping the black over 10 foot down the table in to the corner pocket to claim the exciting opener 61-50.
He placed the cue stick in the bridge formed by his raised knuckles and thumb, stroked smoothly, and sank the dark-green six ball into the far corner pocket.