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Noun1.cornetfish - slender tropical fish with a long tubular snout and bony plates instead of scales
Fistularia, genus Fistularia - type genus of the family Fistulariidae
teleost, teleost fish, teleostan - a bony fish of the subclass Teleostei
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The cornetfish Fistularia tabacaria, an occasional visitor of these reefs, was also photographed (Fig.
I report here on several sightings in southern California of the reef cornetfish, Fistularia commersonii Riippell, 1838.
Cornetfish (Fistularia commersonii), and Trumpetfish (Aulostomus chinensis).
Beaked parrot fish, pretty butterfly fish, torpedo-shaped cornetfish, grumpy stonefish, striped bannerfish, little coralfish, spiny lionfish.
The results show a clear ecological impact when alien species either become dominant, like pufferfish, or are piscivores, like barracuda and cornetfish.
Common species include surgeonfish, triggerfish, hawkfish, cornetfish, flagtails, goatfish, parrotfish and groupers.
Notable species include the blue tang, an electric purple and blue specimen; the strange looking bluespotted cornetfish, possessing a mouth fully one third the length of its body; and the striped burrfish, a species related to blow fish, with a body that has the wonderful pattern of a child's discovery maze.