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also cor·net·tist  (kôr-nĕt′ĭst)
n. Music
One who plays a cornet.


(kɔːˈnɛtɪst) or


(Music, other) a person who plays the cornet


or cor•net•tist

(kɔrˈnɛt ɪst)

a musician who plays the cornet.
[1880–85, Amer.]
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Noun1.cornetist - a musician who plays the trumpet or cornetcornetist - a musician who plays the trumpet or cornet
bugler - someone who plays a bugle
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)
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A cornetist and composer, Morris is known for his system of"conduction," which involves directing an ensemble of improvisers with a set of gestural cues, the conductor and instrumentalists creating a composition together in real time.
The first cornetist occasionally was tardy and short of breath as he blew a damp rendition of "Taps," preceding the benediction by one of the town ministers.
Featuring award-winning cornetist Kirsty Abbotts, the band is touring with the National Theatre production of COAL.
Clarke, celebrated cornetist and chief successor to Gilmore and Sousa.
But the band members' geographical origins complicate that assertion when the narrator describes them as "four men and a leader--Rattle Benbow from Galveston; Benbow's buddy, the drummer, from Houston; his banjoist from Birmingham; his cornetist from Atlanta; and the pianist, long-fingered, sissified, a coal-black lad from New Orleans who had brought with him an exaggerated rag-time which he called jazz" (105).
They will both be joined by cornetist Stephen Williams and their musical director Doris Williams.
During World War II, while playing for Allied troops with the USO and its British equivalent, she met her husband, Chicago cornetist Jimmy McPartland.
When critic Nat Hentoff as a teenager started to speak to players such as jazz cornetist Rex Stewart and saxophonist Ben Webster, they became his "itinerant father figures.
As is well known, Ives's first notable musical influence was his father, George (1845-94), best remembered as a cornetist and bandmaster in the Union army during the Civil War.
This time with a genre-bending new album, The Cherry Thing, which is a collaboration with a Swedish-Norwegian free jazz trio called The Thing, which is, not coincidentally, the name of a tune by early free jazz cornetist, Don Cherry.
In a saturated market everybody who wants cable/satellite Tv already gets it there's no way for cornetist and Dish Network to protect their margins but to raise prices.
Alvarez Najera mentions cornetist Bix Beiderbecke--also widely celebrated by Sincopa y Ritmo--as an example of how white musicians too could master such an interpretative approach.