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1. fed on corn.
2. having a well-fed, healthy, and guileless appearance.
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19, 1953, in Lincoln, Casanova was carried off the field "under sunny skies, a temperature of 81 degrees and before 31,000 cornfed cash customers" after Oregon's 20-12 triumph.
I push straight for the kitchen, where Humberto and Cornfed, the other bartender, are monkeying over Humberto's grilled cheese, "What we got here?
But the movie's overall cornfed air makes it a long 106 minutes.
And I would go so far as to say no meat in the world compares [section] with a big, cornfed Midwestern whitetail.
For the main course I had roast duck breast - mouth-watering and rich - and Niamh had the cornfed chicken with tarragon cream and champ mash.
A production designer's dream and a gay man's nightmare, Behind the Candelabra recreates the lavish living environment and stage shows Liberace orchestrated between 1977 and his death in 1986 of HIV-related complications, while presenting the world with a worst-case version of predatory homosexuality, in which an older man of means identifies, seduces and eventually tosses aside a naive, cornfed young country stud.
I opted for the Roasted Whole Cornfed Free Range Chicken with lemon myrtle served with wild chicory pesto.
Iowa already has a nation-leading 41 cornfed ethanol plants and 13 biodiesel plants that use mostly animal fats as feedstock.
But when my other half started a spirited defence of why he should have the lamb I switched and ordered the breast and leg of cornfed chicken with figs, rosemary and lemon (pounds 24).
I opted for crab fritters with a mango salsa followed by seared supreme of cornfed chicken with fresh herb polenta and vermouth cream sauce.
There was cornfed chicken, chargrilled veg, today's market fish and a Caesar salad.
and main courses might include seared breast of cornfed chicken with chorizo and butterbean cassoulet or sea bass with warm salad Nicoise.