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adj. corn·i·er, corn·i·est
Trite, dated, melodramatic, or mawkishly sentimental.

[From corn.]

corn′i·ly adv.
corn′i·ness n.


in a corny manner
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How cornily predictable, coming from the publisher of a WWII magazine.
Vuilleumier N, Le Gal G, Cornily JC, Hochstrasser D, Bounameaux H, Aujesky D, et al.
The special effects may be thrilling to behold but the story - starring Antonio Banderas and Juliette Binoche - is formulaic and cornily told.
Despite fears their gold and copper FORMULAIC: Cornily told mine is dangerously unsafe, miners head 2,300ft under the Atacama Desert where, as we all know, a series of cave-ins leave them stranded.
But a few paragraphs further on, he complained that they had already become "a generation of social-declaimer decriers"--with a couple of exceptions, of course: Allen Ginsberg and Corso "were great poets" and "both of us, somewhat romantically yes, but not cornily, will die for our poetry.