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(Plants) another name for calamander


(ˌkɔr əˈmæn dl, ˌkɒr-)

1. the hard brownish wood of a tropical Asian tree, Diospyros melanoxylon.
2. (usu. cap.) lacquer work, usu. incised and filled in with gold and color, produced in China in the 17th and early 18th century and used esp. to decorate folding screens.
[1835–45; after the Coromandel Coast, from where Chinese lacquer work was transshipped to Europe]
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Ambedkar Park Henry~s line coromandel & pipe line park, robertsonpet, KGF & Laying of CC Road and sitting slab at King George hall, Geetha Road, Robertsonpet, KGF
He served as vice president and general manager of The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai; general manager of Taj Land's End, Mumbai; Vivanta by Taj - President, Mumbai Taj Coromandel, Chennai, and deputy general manager of St.
Waitaki MP and current chair of the Justice and Electoral Select Committee Jacqui Dean and Coromandel MP Scott Simpson are the other government representatives.
com/a/-/newshome/25773270/pilot-probably-copied-mh370-disappearance/) NZ news wire report, on that day his plane was sighted flying low along the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula.
The three- or four-panel folding screen is the most popular, but if you can score a six-panel, highly ornamented Coromandel screen painted with two different scenes front and back, you've got a real prize and maybe an investment piece, too.
With a laid back approach to life, and fantastic views, Coromandel is a place to stop and linger.
Coromandel International and Deepak Fertilizers did well due to investor expectations that government decisions would favour the sector.
Coromandel International: In 2013-14, the stock had risen 15%; it was at Rs 222.
Located on the Coromandel coast off the Bay of Bengal, it is the biggest industrial and commercial centre in South India, and a major cultural, economic and educational centre.
It has to be New Zealand where my husband to be and I got together; the Coromandel islands were paradise.
The Coromandel Coast is found on the coast on which Asian country?