coronary insufficiency

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coronary insufficiency

(Pathology) inadequate circulation of blood through the coronary arteries, characterized by attacks of angina pectoris
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Noun1.coronary insufficiency - inadequate blood flow to the heart muscles; can cause angina pectoris
insufficiency - (pathology) inability of a bodily part or organ to function normally

cor·o·nar·y in·suf·fi·cien·cy

n. insuficiencia coronaria, deficiencia en la circulación coronaria con riesgo de sufrir un dolor provocado por angina, trombosis o ateroma, que puede dar como resultado un infarto del miocardio. V.: coronarism.
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Background and Objective: Trimetazidine has mainly been used in coronary insufficiency, angina and elderly myocardial infarction.
The cause of death was given as acute coronary insufficiency due to myocardial bridging.
Yet, in many cases myocardial bridges are connected with heart rhythm disorder [1416], angina pectoris [17-19], myocardial infarction [20-22] and sudden cardiac death [23, 24], so that their impact on incidence of coronary insufficiency is indisputable.
Researchers recruited 458 men aged between 30 and 59 who had suffered a heart attack or an episode of coronary insufficiency or angina after admission to hospital.
Severe coronary insufficiency in a young woman after mediastinal radiotherapy].

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