coronary occlusion

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coronary occlusion

The partial or complete obstruction of blood flow in a coronary artery, as by a thrombus or the progressive buildup of atherosclerotic plaque.

cor′onary occlu′sion

partial or total obstruction of a coronary artery.
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Noun1.coronary occlusion - occlusion of a coronary artery caused either by progressive atherosclerosis or by a blood clot
occlusion - closure or blockage (as of a blood vessel)
coronary heart disease - a heart disease due to an abnormality of the arteries that supply blood and oxygen to the heart

cor·o·nar·y oc·clu·sion

n. oclusión coronaria, bloqueo de un vaso coronario.
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Ventricular arrhythmias among implantable cardioverter-defibrillator recipients for primary prevention: impact of chronic total coronary occlusion (VACTO Primary Study).
Detecting and warning patients at the earliest stage of coronary occlusion would allow us to shift the paradigm for treatment forward to the onset of the heart attack, which we believe could significantly improve clinical outcomes," added Dr.
Today these paths can be brought into action during prompt therapy for acute coronary occlusion by rapid reperfusion, as in AMI.
Angel Medical Systems previously developed the AngelMed Guardian cardiac monitor and alert system, which detects and warns patients of acute episodes of cardiac ischemia related to the progression of coronary artery disease and thrombotic coronary occlusion caused by vulnerable plaque ruptures.
D-Ala2-Leu5-enkephalin (DADLE), a [delta]-opioid receptor agonist known to induce a state of KATP channel opening similar to the mechanisms of IP, was infused into the distal segment of the left anterior descending artery (LAD) during an acute coronary occlusion to examine the effects on overall cardiovascular stability (2).
Doctors detected a coronary occlusion and suggested a "precautionary" heart surgery after an angiography taken on Saturday at TRNC's Near East University.
Patients with acute ST-segment elevation frequently have near-total or total coronary occlusion and are candidates for reperfusion interventions.
Participants underlined the role of similar conferences in developing the expertise of doctors and informing them of new discoveries in medical fields, underlining the conference's role in boosting medical, scientific and economic cooperation between Syria and TurkeyThey also discussed neurological diseases and their effect on internal diseases, neuro-cardio complications, treating coronary occlusion, avoiding strokes, and the link between strokes and heart attacks.
Moreover, on an in vivo model of coronary occlusion and reperfusion, infarct size was reduced in rats that ate the ACN-rich diet than in those that consumed the ACN-free diet (P < 0.
In a prospective clinical trial conducted in the European Union and a post-market registry conducted primarily in South America the BridgePoint System was 67%-85% successful in placing an interventional guidewire beyond a chronic total coronary occlusion.
Studies have shown that over eighty percent of patients who presented in the first four hours with STEMI have total coronary occlusion and have associated coronary thrombus.

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