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intr.v. co·ro·tat·ed, co·ro·tat·ing, co·ro·tates
To rotate on an axis in the same period of time as it takes to orbit another object.

co′ro·ta′tion n.
co′ro·ta′tion·al adj.


vb (intr)
to rotate in conjunction with something else that is rotating


(koʊˈroʊ teɪt)

v.i. -tat•ed, -tat•ing.
to rotate jointly, as with another rotating object.
co`ro•ta′tion, n.
co`ro•ta′tion•al, adj.
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Machines consist of a circle of 12 intermeshing screws that corotate around a static core.
The Nano-16 can corotate or counter-rotate at up to 500 rpm.
According to one mixing recipe, the rods corotate, but one of them spins three times faster than the other for a specific number of turns.