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cor·poc·ra·cy 1

n. pl. cor·poc·ra·cies
An inefficient corporation characterized by excessive layers of management.

cor′po·crat′ic (-pə-krăt′ĭk) adj.

cor·poc·ra·cy 2

n. pl. cor·poc·ra·cies
A society dominated by politically and economically large corporations.

cor′po·crat′ic (-pə-krăt′ĭk) adj.
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This has not produced free market competition but a corpocracy of powerful companies/financial institutions whose monopolies are fully supported by their client - welllobbied governments.
Because this duty is not fulfilled, true democracy remains a phantom in most cases and terms like corpocracy and lobbyocracy arise to cynically, but more accurately, describe the kind of government in place.
O'Sullivan, Contests, 200; Monks, Corpocracy, 62-63; Charkham and Simpson, Fair Shares, 180.
We also need a power shift away from a government that has become a corrupt, elitist corpocracy toward one that is much more of, by and for the people--and the common good.
There are some people disappointed that he may not be a viable candidate, but he has certainly energized the grass roots and he's given hope to the common man that their voice can be heard above the roar of the corpocracy,'' said Carole Lutness, another regular at the Dean Meetups.
Today, our own King George represents not a monarchy, but a corpocracy, one principally identical to that of King George's of England.
In Corpocracy, corporate lawyer, venture capitalist, and shareholder activist Robert Monks reveals how corporations abuse their power and what we the people must do to rein them in.
Corpocracy is bureaucrats running corporations for their own good and the shareholder be damned.